These photographs were taken during three separate journeys I made to Indonesian Borneo, also called Kalimantan, while researching "What the Orangutan Told Alice." Because I was a writer with a book idea everyone seemed to like, I was given access to places normal tourists would not be permitted to visit. I visited two rehabilitation centers, Wanariset and Samboja Lestari, was well as a couple of 'halfway forests' where orphaned orangutans, usually between 5 and 10 years of age, learn the survival skills they would need to survive in the rainforest upon their release. This is no easy feat as young orangutans, under normal conditions, learn almost all of their life skills from their mothers. I was also permitted access to Sungai Wain and Meratus, two protected forests where rehabilitated orangutans are released once they were thought to have acquired the skills to live on their own. The three young men at the end are the 'forest technicians' whose job is to keep an eye on the orangutans.